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It'd Be The Greatest Basketball Conference Of All Time, But UConn Joining The Big 12 Would Be The Single Dumbest Part Of Conference Realignment

I've given up on conference realignment. It's just going to keep happening and it has been happening far longer than the last 2-3 years. Remember when Syracuse, Pitt, Boston College and Miami were in the Big East? Remember the Big 8 and it actually had 8 teams? Remember the SWC? Or the Metro? The point being conference realignment has been happening forever because the biggest lie ever told was college sports is about amateurism. It was always about money - from both sides. Guys would get paid under the table to work camps, go ahead and Google Sam Gilbert and tell me how bagmen just started. 

So all that said, the single dumbest thing for me would be UConn basketball joining the Big 12. Would I forget about it during the season when UConn is playing Arizona, Kansas, Houston, Kansas State, Utah and Texas Tech in conference games? Yeah, probably, because my brain is stupid. And as much as UConn has ruined some March's for me, I actually respect the shit out of them for saying fuck football, we're going back to the Big East for basketball. UConn simply belongs in the Big East. They belong playing Villanova, Georgetown, St. John's, even DePaul! Which is why I hope Dan Hurley is giving us a little bit of hope with this 100% troll move: 

UConn fans call MSG Storrs South for a rightful and valid reason. You gonna give that up to go play in like Kansas City in March? Come on. It's dumb as shit and why conference realignment needs to stop. Colorado back in the Big 12? Fine. Go ahead. That at least makes sense. Just keep UConn in the Big East and if the ACC breaks up bring back the old Big East guys. Have a dominant, awesome college basketball conference. It'll be fine. 

Then there's what happens with the Pac-12. So far I've seen two rumors: 

I have no idea what the Pac-12 (4) should do. I would say obviously from a name standpoint joining the remaining ACC teams is smarter than MWC, but who the fuck knows anymore. Remember when Gonzaga was going to be in the Pac-12? Yeah, that changed drastically. That said, put Gonzaga in the Big 12 for basketball. That'd be a fun ass basketball conference. 

I know money is all that matters and it sucks. College sports, as greedy as it has always been, was pure in the sense of environments, rivalries, traditions. Those rivalries are gone. UCLA/Arizona was a great basketball rivalry. Dead. Just keep UConn in the Big East.