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The Chair Of Oregon's Board Of Regents Took The Zoom Call To Join The Big Ten From The Golf Course And Just Kept Playing

College football as we've known and loved it for decades is crumbling before our eyes, but it's at least good to see that the ones making these decisions are taking them seriously. Why be in your office for the most important call your board has had in decades when you could keep your tee time and do it from the greenside bunker on 11?

As much as something like this kinda sucks to see as a college football fan, you do have to respect Steve Holwerda a little bit. He had a Friday afternoon date with the golf course and there was quite obviously nothing that was going to change that. The University of Oregon could have been holding a vote to join the war in Ukraine and Steve would have been on the 15th tee box. That's just the way he handles business.

It's just a little disheartening as a college football fan to see the sport you love being fundamentally changed — likely for the worse — by board members voting from the golf course to line their own pockets. But that's the way it goes. Welcome to the new Big Ten and the highly anticipated matchup between Oregon and Rutgers.