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Taylor Swift Gave Her “22 Hat” To Kobe Bryant’s Daughter Bianka At The First LA Eras Tour Show

(video on the second slide, must watch, extremely cute)

I'm happy to see that I was wrong to not blog this earlier in the day, because without context, people are still understanding how sweet of a gesture this is from Taylor to her late friend Kobe's daughter and family. I was honestly worried no one would care about this, or the explanation behind it. I'm losing faith in people I guess! So, here we go:

Taylor Swift and Kobe Bryant, weirdly, were friends. I only say weird because it seems like a random pairing, but they were such good of friends that he surprised Taylor on stage at a show in LA on one of her old tours, to present to her a banner for having the most sold out performances at the stadium. Last night, the first of six shows she'll be playing at SoFi Stadium this weekend, Vanessa Bryant posted the jacket she was planning to wear to the concert with a photo from that moment (waterworks):

Precious, sad, all the above. 

During the concert, while Taylor performs songs from her Red era, she wears a black hat during the performance of "22." During the song, she goes up to the end of the stage and gives it to a fan in the audience. Usually it's little kids, sometimes it's a sobbing basic bitch (wish it was me) and other times it's a friend of the family, etc. Selena Gomez's sister got it at one of her concerts. It's a really sweet moment where it feels like Taylor is "passing the baton" and gifting this cute hat while it's projected to the whole stadium. Awesome moment.

Taylor giving the 22 hat to Bianka, knowing all of the background here, is what makes this so special. You can clearly see that their families are still close, and it felt really sweet for Taylor to think to give Bianka that same kind of shine she shared with her father years earlier. I'm crying again!!