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Easiest And Most Correct Scientific Study Of All Time: Petting A Dog Increases Your Happiness

Oh look at that, anyone with a brain is now able to conduct a scientific study. No shit petting a dog brings you happiness. Name one person who doesn't enjoy petting a dog? This? This right here is peak happiness: 

That's a perfectly executed pet, find a new argument. When you see news like this, a whole lot more makes sense to you:

[Source] - “What I love about this research is that it’s a two-way street,” Gee told the outlet. “We see the same thing in the dogs, so the dogs’ oxytocin also increases when they interact with a human.”

“Animals, and dogs in particular, live in the moment. They’re experiencing their environment with wonder and awe all the time, and they’re not bringing up what happened to them earlier in the day or what they’re thinking about in the future. They’re there right now,” she explained. “They sort of pull you out of your phone and into whatever environment that you’re in.”

Wouldn't you pay $14,000 to dress up like a border collie if it brought happiness to everyone? 

Okay, maybe not. It's still fucking weird to pretend to be a dog. Not only that, but why pick a border collie? There are a bunch of better breeds of dogs, pick one of them. I digress though. This is about the good stuff. Do you know how much dogs love getting pet? I got a 110 pound lab that would do anything for belly rubs. The moment he sees the hand going for his belly, dude rolls over like I got a hamburger for him. Delightful. Brings a smile to my face every time this dummy starts getting excited. 

Glad we have 'science' to back up what everyone already knew. Petting dogs is the best thing anyone can do. You're also a crazy person if you don't want to pet a dog.