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All The Orioles Do Is Win Ballgames And Kill The Fashion Game

How can you not love this Orioles team? Seriously, I’m talking to all of you. If you aren’t on the bandwagon now you better hitch a ride. Think these guys are having fun? Colton Cowser, Ryan Mountcastle, Adley Rutschman, and Gunnar Henderson showed up to the game on Friday dressed as…..Powerpuff Girls? Power Rangers? Teletubbies? WRONG.

Giphy Images.

CHEETAH GIRLS! Idk what a Cheetah Girl is but if it’s good enough for the boys, it’s good enough for me. Color coordinated down to Gunnar’s hat, nothing was left out. Think it’s safe to say these guys enjoy each other and playing here. I‘m so curious about the outfits though, luckily for them it’s not 95 outside like it was last week, a nice cool day calls for your finest jumpsuit to represent the Cheetah Girls. Everything is clicking for this team and everyone is having fun, good stuff happens when you’re loose. At least the Yankees have their rules about facial hair, the Orioles have their studs showing up in color coordinated jumpsuits from an old Disney movie. Damnit do I love this team. Fair warning, Orioles may score a million tonight dressed like this.