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Enjoy The Moment: Fella Takes Photoshoot With Scramble Trophy Despite His Team Not Using A Single Shot Of His

It's a little quiet on the Barstool front today despite our whole office being torn down without sufficient warning, but I saw this video and it's just pure dudes rock that I had to share. Backup QBs still get a Super Bowl ring. I know he's firing off those photos to his wife or girlfriend on some "look babe we did it!" shit. That smile at the end when he realized his boys were recording him. King.

Every team needs a locker room guy and that's what this dude is. Everyone has that friend who is just immaculate vibes and pure shit at the sport at hand (me in any scenario) but will be there no matter what. He's averaging 42 nice shots per 18 and that's all the sabermetrics you need to know. He probably had some great reads on putts too. 10 kills 100 damage guy in a Call of Duty party with the fellas. 

Doesn't matter if you win by an inch or a mile, winning is winning. Congrats champ.