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Zach Wilson's Mom Wins the Hall of Fame Game in a Blowout Over the Loser Jets Fan Who Pissed her Off

Ah, Lisa Wilson. Mother. Wife. Influencer. Social commenter. Activist. And dare I say, national feckin' treasure. 

If anyone thought a little thing like having her son relegated to a backup roll behind a first ballot Hall of Fame quarterback would cool the passion that burns within this firebrand, you've got another thing coming, buster. If she could fearlessly lean into a major bombshell like her son allegedly doing The Beast With Two Backs with one of her hot mom friends:

... a little thing like him temporarily benched is child's play. 

Nothing else has changed with this fierce, independent girl boss. Least of all her approach to the world and all who inhabit it. She didn't suffer fools gladly last year when her boy was the QB1 :

… and she's not about to start now that a new season has unofficially begun. Zach Wilson had a nice, if brief, night playing in what Dennis Miller once called the Tigris and the Euphrates of football, going 3-for-5 for 65 yards. But it was Lisa who won the night. In blowout fashion:

Source - Zach Wilson’s mom was in midseason form during Thursday’s Hall of Fame game between the Jets and Browns.

Lisa Wilson, the mother of the Jets’ third-year quarterback, apparently wasn’t thrilled by one fan’s comments, as she appeared to glance back at the spectator while sitting in the stands at Tom Benson Stadium in Canton, Ohio. 

“That would be me politely letting the dude behind me know I didn’t appreciate his comments,” Lisa wrote over the photo. 

The proud mom, who’s known for her outspoken posts defending her son and the Jets, did not share what was said during the moment. 

“Unpopular Opinion…. They shouldn’t sell Alcohol at football games,” she wrote in a separate post. “It brings out the d–k In everyone.” 


Giphy Images.

Nice try No. 93. Which is … who, exactly? Which 93 have the Jets ever had that was worth spending 100 bucks on his jersey? Kyle Phillips? Kendrick Ellis? That should've been the first indicator Lisa was in the company of dicks. But Beardo here will never cross this Tiger Mom again. That is, if he's still alive this morning and wasn't reduced to a pile of ashes by the Cyclops-like death beam shooting out of her baby blues. Either way, let this be a warning to any bozo reckless enough to mess with her the rest of the season. You'd have to have a death wish to run your mouth in her presence.

As far as her "Unpopular Opinion," I'll obviously stand with the vast majority on this issue. I'll let the NFL ban the forward pass before I'll stand for them outlawing beer sales. But in no way do I have the guts to tell Lisa Wilson that. Her lifelong winning streak continues, and I'm not the man to try and stop it.