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Leave The Barstool People Team Alone They're Doing Their Best

I've seen a lot of troubling posts circulating X today (I think that's technically how that sentence is supposed to be said now. It sounds ridiculous. I wonder if we'll ever get to a point where everyone uses proper "X" terminology, or if we'll go to our graves calling them tweets)

Barstool Sports New York, as well as Barstool Sports Chicago is in the midst of an overhaul. Hundreds people are having to relocate. Some are moving halfway across the country to Rob Dyrdek's fantasy factory, while others move 20 feet to their left to an upgraded desk. It's not all sunshine and roses here at Barstool.

Everything is changing, and there are a lot of moving parts. Naturally, feathers will be ruffled. It's unavoidable. But the last couple of days I've seen some ugly behavior from a handful of my coworkers. I'm talking about posts tweets of this nature from ungrateful content employees who believe the world should hold their hand through the ups and downs of a massive company transition.

Looks guys, I understand that things are frustrating right now. Change in inevitable, but it's also hard. You can't expect everybody to be perfect. The Barstool Sports People Team (that's what our HR department calls themselves) has a genuinely very difficult job to do right now.

People seem to think that we are grown adults capable of choosing where we sit in the workplace? Please. Imagine me sitting next to Tommy Smokes. That's laughable. I haven't earned the company of Tommy Smokes yet. Imagine Big Ev and Frank not sitting face to face. What people don't realize is that our desks chairs are a series of see-saws. If those two weren't sitting across from each other, somebody would be forced to work 6 feet in the air.

In the midst of an office renovation, you can't assume everything you left on your desk is just going to "be on your desk" the next day. You can't expect anybody to give you a reminder the day before that when you come in tomorrow there will be nowhere for you to work, and the office will resemble a small scale Hurricane Katrina. Sometimes your MacBook will be leaning against the wall at a 45 degree angle on top of a freezing cold AC vent. Sometimes you'll need to embark on a 15 minutes long scavenger hunt to locate the things you need to do your job. And some of your stuff might be broken. Bobbleheads break guys. It's a part of life. 

Grow up everybody. If you expect an organized company, and expect your personal belongings to be handled with care, then go work at Chic-fil-A.

Note to Frank: I'm afraid I might have let you down. I left a note on your desk that said "Please do not break anything", but I am not confident that was taken seriously by the demolition crew we hired. I'm sorry Frank.