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The New York Yankees Aren't Done Yet, Allegedly

Huge weekend of baseball inbound with some juicy series following the trade deadline. 

Hubbs is subbing in today for Castellani to reflect on the state of the Yankees. It's a valuable conversation because they're the most significant team in any professional sport and right now they're in last place. But 5 games over .500 with a healthy Aaron Judge. So good timing to check in with the Evil Empire and see if the last 60 days are really worth a shit to the rest of us.

Some observations: 

- The Yankees didn't make a move at the trade deadline, then said they're "In it to WIN it." That's laugh out loud funny for so many reasons. Notably, they can't ever rebuild. They're always in it. They're always hunting another trophy. Even in 5th place with two generational hall of famers. You're in it fellas. Whatever you say.

- Anthony Rizzo is concussed, not bad at baseball 

- After buying at the trade deadline and slaughtering the Reds, the Cubs improved their Vegas odds to win the NL Central to 10th out of 15. Tenth. That should be a cause of caution but fuck it, right. 

- I said the Cubs could trade Bellinger and STILL win the Central. That didn't get received well. Huge fuckin surprise there. As if I didn't sit through three absolutely forgettable dogshit seasons because the Cubs didn't grow a farm system with the competitive window. Daniel Descalso was the top position player free agent for YEARS because of something called budgeting. But again, fuck it.

- Gerrit Cole, probably winning the Cy Young

- What's up Orioles' fans butts? I said Jack Flaherty wasn't enough for the trade deadline because of sensible inning counts for 4 of their 5 starting pitchers. They didn't like that much because they're in 1st place on August 4th. 

- The Angels should have traded Shohei Ohtani. They didn't and now every subsequent loss is that much worse. 

- I want to be wrong about Shohei Ohtani's team but they're battling for 3rd place in their division. The Rangers and Astros got better. I can't do this right now. 

-  Bobby Witt Junior is gonna hit 30 jacks and steal 45 bags this year and nobody gives a fuck. But one day you will and I'll enjoy that day very much because Bobby Witt Junior is downright amazing. 

Watch your country's manager break his game down

- Trea Turner is 23% worse than an average MLB hitter this year

- Max Fried is returning from the IL for rehab assignment. That means the Braves are getting their 1A/B pitcher back. 

- Some nice words about the Mets: 

- Freddie Freeman is shattering Dodgers history: 

Freddie and Mookie are the best 1-2 punch in MLB. Flashes of Jeff Kent and Barry Bonds is putting it lightly. 

- Braves vs. Cubs this weekend alongside Astros/Yankees and Dodgers/Padres. 3 monster series for the calendar and we couldn't be more excited for the action. 

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