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I Tried To Correctly Guess The Price Of 5 Different Wines By Taste


Lots of people think I have a raccoon palate, but the truth is I don't. I love the finer foods in life; nothing better than dropping a few hundo on a steak every few months or gorging on some La Scarola (IYKYK). 

That said, I also happen to appreciate shit food too. Love me some 4am Mexican food. Chicken tenders and basically anything else that's fried? Give me all of it. 

I don't know shit about wine or booze though. I don't drink wine to or whiskey or anything else to enjoy it, I drink with a purpose: to get fucked up. 

My colleagues wanted to put my sophistication level to the test this week, though. In steps the wine tasting challenge where I can to correctly rank 5 different wines by price after tasting them. 

The wines were: 

- Franzia ($3)
- Menage a trois ($9)
- Josh ($18)
- Sterling Napa ($33)
- Caymus ($80)

One thing the bananaheads I work with didn't do is get the same wine, though. These were cabs and merlots and all sorts of shit. Whatever. Watch the video and see how we did.