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Larsa Pippen Bravely And Shockingly Admits That Dating Marcus Jordan Has Made Things Awkward Between Michael And Scottie

Let's all stand and applaud this heroic, shocking statement. I mean I can't imagine why things would be awkward. Dating your ex-husband's teammate's/rival's son is completely normal. Just your good old fashioned relationship that everyone saw coming. It's not like Scottie and MJ have a history of shit being awkward between them or tension at all. Nope, this is the relationship that caused the awkwardness. 

This is a friendship that has never experienced tension. It's not like I can quickly search and find these stories: 

Best friends forever! 

I can't stop laughing at the lack of self-awareness Larsa and Marcus have though. It's almost admirable that they refuse to acknowledge anything besides this. Oh it might be awkward? Yeah man, I'm pretty sure if you dated anyone remotely associated with Scottie after divorcing him it'd be awkward. But constantly grinding and making out with Marcus in public is simply showing you love each other. You think Scottie is thrilled about this? No one wants to see your ex after you breakup, the last thing you want is them dating someone you likely can't stand. 

Brave to admit it's awkward.