What The Angels Are Doing To Shohei Ohtani On A Nightly Basis Is Just Cruel

Icon Sportswire. Getty Images.

It was another night where Shohei Ohtani did some stuff you haven't seen or heard of in decades. 

And it was also another night where the Angels found a way to lose one of those games. This time a former Savannah Banana player went deep for a go-ahead grand slam in the 9th. 

The cameras caught Shohei's reaction in the dugout and man did he look like a sad bastard. 

Now I kind of think that this was a yawn that turned into a little teary eyed, but he does look really sad. Everyone feels bad for Ohtani but it was his decision to go to the Angels so let's relax on that. The Angels were a dysfunctional organization when he joined so this can't all be a surprise. 

I would love to get the honest feelings from Shohei after games when he pitches 7 shutout, blasts a home run and still loses 8-3. Does he go home and laugh, and be like "man this team fucking sucks." He might like it because there will never be any blame on him even if he had half the season he was having. It will be interesting to see what he does and see if he actually wants to win. Him being on a real team that contends each year will be a wild sight to see.