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The Barstool Difference: A Tornado Has Been Sent Through The Barstool NY HQ And Everyone's Stuff Is Missing

It's Friday in the summer at Barstool HQ and Big Cat already left so you know what means: A total renovation of the office that already happened over the 4th of July break, but this time with no warning and everyone's stuff is missing. Great content we got going here these days. Chicago is sports, New York is destroy the office once a month and make everyone go in a frenzy looking for their shit. Just look at these messages from Frank who had just finished setting up shop at his new desk:

SOMEBODY TELL ME WHERE FRANK'S STUFF IS! I've got a couple of personal belongings that I would have loved to move as well, but none more important than Frank's sodas. You think they packaged those correctly?! I honestly can't believe that we did something like this, but then again it makes so much sense it hurts. Fridays in the summer are slow yes, but recently we've had some good rapport with the remaining crew and attendance has been up. So it naturally makes sense that we do a complete renovation and shut down the office on a random Friday instead of doing it over the weekend when the NYC rats run this place. 

They say the office feud is gonna be Chicago vs New York, but it's actually just New York vs the people/HR department or whoever is in charge of these kinds of things:

I wrote a blog yesterday about the new seating chart that was made for the rest of the New York employees that didn't make the trek to Chicago, and 24 hours later a nuke passes through and no one knows why. I had to do my journalistic duty and find out if there were any prior warning, and in true Barstool fashion, ONE (1) email was sent, to Gaz who hasn't been in the office in months, and a couple of BCCs that I couldn't independently confirm were more than 10 people:

I blurred out the name partially because I wanted to draw and partially because I think the person who sent the email is simply a messenger (Editor's note: It's taking every ounce of me not to say who this person is. Dave would publicly shame someone for doing something so stupid. Remember Office Manager Brett? God dammit do we need Dave back so shit like this doesn't happen.), and they're non content so there's no point in putting you moths to that flame. 

I'd be remiss to not mention that it was sent at nearly 7 PM less than 48 hours before and probably not to enough people considering they're all missing their stuff, but I digress. It was also a one sentence line in an email with an attachment of the new seating chart that of course no one is going to read but simply go straight to the attachment but let's get back to the main point.

The end game here might be just to finally install some outlets that were already working beforehand and that's why we're taking a day off in the middle of the summer. All it cost was a little decrease in morale amongst an already vulnerable group of humans. I'm officially giving myself title of Renovation Blogger and will make it my mission to bring you the next updates in what apparently is a never ending war. 

Pete is smiling.