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Stanley From "The Office" Is Returning $110,629.81 To The Idiots That Donated To His Kickstarter Campaign To Make A Spin-Off Centered Around Him

Alberto E. Rodriguez. Getty Images.

Variety - Leslie David Baker, who starred as Stanley Hudson on all nine seasons of NBC’s popular sitcom “The Office,” announced on social media that he is returning all of the donations fans sent it via Kickstarter for his proposed Stanley spinoff. The exact donation total being returned is $110,629.81, Baker said.

Back in 2020, Baker went viral for launching a Kickstarter campaign in an effort to create a spinoff of “The Office” centered around Stanley Hudson. The project, “Uncle Stan,” launched with a crowdfunding goal of $300,000. The show was to center around Stanley as he comes out of his retirement in Florida and travels to Los Angeles to help his nephew save a fledgling motorcycle/flower shop business. The campaign earned $336,450 from 1,640 by the end of its run.

I waste money on a ton of dumb shit. I walk and get $7 coffee three or four times a week that I honestly don't even particularly enjoy that much. I'll buy a round of shots for friends, basically lighting $60 on fire. Hell, I even have a Class Pass monthly membership despite the fact I almost never go to any workout classes. 

But there is no way in hell I'm spending my hard earned cash to help get a Stanley spinoff of The Office off the ground. Stanley is probably the 10th best character on the show. And that might be generous. And not just a Stanley spinoff, one where he is helping his nephew save a fledgling motorcycle/flower shop business. Who the fuck thought of that show premise? The writers of Season 8 of The Office?

Stanley has some moments in The Office to be sure. But anyone who thinks that drab, grumpy, monotone character could carry a comedy series must be huffing paint. There are so many more fun and entertaining things you can buy with $100k.

40,000 avocados, BMW Series 5 car, 6 carats of diamonds, 10,000 packets of jelly beans, a race horse, 66 iPhone X’s, and most importantly a Netflix subscription for the rest of your life where you will never see a spinoff of The Office starring Stanley. 

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I keep being told we are in a recession and times are tough yet here are 1,640 people who had enough expendable income that they felt it necessary to donate and help create a show based around a man who does crossword puzzles 80% of the time. That's it folks. Culture is over. We might as well pack it in. 

I do understand just wanting to scratch The Office itch since it's been removed from Netflix. But you know what might be a better way to spend that money if this is how you feel? A GOD DAMN PEACOCK SUBSCRIPTION. They you can watch all the sassy Stanley you can handle. 


Stanley said in the show what his dream was and it wasnt to have some half-asses spin off with a premise that sounds like an episode from King of Queens. It was to live in a decommissioned light house that he can launch into space. 

Which by the way he can do right now. There is a light house in Cleveland up for auction and it's only at about $35k. He could use his kickstarter money to purchase the lighthouse and have about $75k left over to strap rockets to the bottom so that it will break Earth's atmosphere and he can float amongst the cosmos.

And once it's ready to launch please invite everyone who donated to this absolutely ridiculous kickstarter and shoot them into the galaxy with you. The world is dumb enough as is, we don't need folks who can't be trusted with their own legal tender here any longer. 

Anyway, here is the best of Stanley on The Office.