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Capital For LIFE!!!!! Stanley Cup Champion Tom Wilson Signs a New 7 Year Extension With The Caps!!!!!



After 6 months of trade rumors that were denied by everyone except for weirdo Penguins fans who are obsessed with every move, every step, every breath SCC Tom Wilson makes, he has made them cry into their breakfast this morning by signing a new 7 year contract in DC. HOLY SHIT AGAIN. This more or less makes Wilson a Washington Capital for life, which is amazing. It's crazy how good the Caps are at keeping their home-grown talent- Ovi, Backstrom, Carlson, and now Wilson. An obviously Willy is now the Captain-In-Waiting, once Ovi decides to hang up his skates in....10-12 years? He can play into his late 40's, right? I don't want to think about Ovechkin ever retiring, but I will say this Wilson deal does soften the blow a littttttle bit.

And say what you want about him, but if you're a fan of the Bruins or Rangers or Flyers (and especially the Penguins), you are not happy about this. He's the number 1 player in the league that you wish you had on *your* team, but hate him because he's not. Nobody changes a game like Tom Wilson does. He scores, he hits, he fights, he leads, he strikes fear into the entire opposing team. There's nothing he can't do on the ice, and now he'll be doing it for 7 more seasons in Washington, how amazing is that?


What's also crazy is he was drafted in 2012. He's already a decade into his NHL career and hasn't even turned 30 yet. Just a ridiculous career arch so far. From a 4th line fighter to a 1st line scorer...who still fights. Stanley Cup Champion. Future captain. And now he's getting paid like the best goal scorer in the league. Hope he sends Pasta a gift basket.



Great news on August 4th. Namaste.