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This Video Showing An Entire Stadium Of River Plate Fans Going Batshit Crazy Puts Every Other Fanbase To Shame

We talk about the pageantry of college football all the time here in America. We rave about the stadiums, the environments, the traditions, all that despite the dumbass realignment talk going on. Think about Jump Around at Wisconsin. Iconic in the college football world. 

That looks like child's play compared to Argentina's River Plate in the video above. 86,000 people jumping around like that. Fucking awesome. As much as people want to hate on soccer, there's nothing like soccer fans in South America and Europe. They put even the Harvey Updyke's of the world to shame. They make a man who would poison his rival's trees look sane. Think about games you've been to here in America. You can probably close your eyes and picture at least one person who got pissed that people around them dared to stand during a pivotal moment. As awesome as some environments are, we still have dumbasses who don't get the moments. Good luck trying to tell someone to sit down during a River Plate match. 

It's called home field advantage for a reason and this is precisely why. We need shit like this here in America. I want it at all sports too. This doesn't need to just be a soccer thing. Give me this during football games. I don't want to see the corporate people in the lower level just sitting on their hands. Wear whatever the fuck you want and go crazy. It's what sports is supposed to be.