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Legend Farmer Gets Ran Over By A Combine On Video After Posing The Question, "Yall Ever Been Ran Over By A Combine"

Honestly, when I saw those spikes, I thought he was done for. DONE FOR. I thought we'd see ole farmer Rick here neatly and tightly tucked inside a bale of hay like an adorable old scarecrow. But nope, turns out that old country dudes who look and sound like this fella know exactly what they are doing when they voluntarily get ran over by heavy-duty farming equipment. 

The way that he laughed and carried on after getting up kinda makes me wanna head to central Illinois, hop off my electric bike, and toss myself under the combine like I'm a sack of potatoes. If that's the kinda fun you have when you've been around farms your whole life, imagine what a sexy city slicker like me would feel like. I'd probably hop up covered in pollen and every other allergin on earth and immediately cum. The rush of heavy farm equipment nearly crushing your brains out has gotta be a time and a half. 

Anyway, Google Maps says it'll take me about 90 minutes to reach the center of the farming country so I'll see you suckers later.