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You Know It's Preseason Football When There's A Delay Because The Stadium Lights Go Out And Every Single Shower Is Broken After The Game

This is the perfect ending to Grit Week. What's a little game without a delay because of lights and then everyone being unable to shower? That's grit. That's how you start preparing for the long grind that is the NFL football season. Every week from now until February we will be sitting our asses in our favorite seats to watch multiple hours of football. But at the same time it's all about working out the kinks. You gotta fine tune that chili recipe throughout the season. The first batch of smoked wings, you gotta tinker with the time and the rub/marinade. There's work to be done in terms of go-to food orders as fans. 

Well, that's all true here because there's nothing worse than not being able to shower. The lights delay? Shit, that happens in the Super Bowl. But not being able to shower? That's high on the list in terms of worst inconveniences in every day life. Do you know how good a hot shower feels? That's a top tier feeling. Now imagine you're all sweaty, taking the pads off, standing there ready to get blasted with hot water and it just doesn't work. Fuck that. No worst feeling in the world. 

Nothing like the Hall of Fame game though. The moment we realize football is back in our lives but we're watching the scrubs play and freaking out over results. One of my favorite past times. I just know there's someone out there talking themselves into Dorian Thompson-Robinson as QB1.