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Credit Where Credit Is Due, DeMarcus Ware Has The Voice Of An Angel

I hate giving credit to any Dallas Cowboy. Especially a former Cowboy who spent so much of his career completely tormenting the Philadelphia Eagles. But as a man of honor and integrity, I have to admit that DeMarcus Ware has the voice of an angel. 

For such a large, imposing, and fear-inducing man, his voice is as soft as a baby's tush. There's something special about that. The duality of man. The man spent 12 seasons trying to rip his opponent's heads off, but comes out with the most gentle and sweet rendition of the anthem you ever did hear. It brought a tear to my eye. Maybe not full blown Nick Sirianni tears, but close to it. 

By the way, hope you guys took the over. I have the official time here at 2 minutes and 29 seconds. The longest anthem ever performed at the Super Bowl was 2 minutes and 36 seconds by Alicia Keys before Super Bowl 47. DeMarcus Ware was coming for that crown. 

Also it got me thinking that I'd love to hear more football players get out there and sing the anthem before games. I think the NFL should look into a rule where if you have a guy on your team sing the anthem, your team gets to start with the ball on the 40-yard line. Preferably you'd want it to be someone who either absolutely crushes it, or is comically awful at singing. And you can't use the same guy more than once in a season, either. Just something for Roger to consider moving forward. 

But yeah. DeMarcus Ware is mean man with a sweet voice. Love to see it. Especially considering the purpose behind it.