JJ Watt Simply Cannot Believe That 7 People In The World Beat Him On His Peloton Ride

So the Peloton community is stroking JJ Watt for these stats. Apparently putting up a 91% resistance makes you a first round Hall of Famer in the stationary biking world, and the 553 output has people like Dan Orlovsky hard as a rock.

Wait, you guys are telling me that 6'5 288 pound JJ Watt is a monster?? Wow I cannot believe this one bit. I always thought JJ Watt needed to hit the gym a little bit more.

So yeah, I'm not impressed that he can ride a stationary bike. 8th place in the world? Yawn. Meanwhile, JJ wants to meet the 7 people that placed above him on the 20 minute ride. Probably thinking those seven people are NOT real.

Side note: was this post a subtle hint at a JJ Watt comeback szn? Not sure there's any other reason for him to be giving max effort in the gym right now. Because as a non-current NFL player myself, I haven't worked out in over a year. But JJ is training? Hmmm…..