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Roger Goodell Greeted Deshaun Watson Like They Were Old Friends And Patted Him On The Stomach No Less Than 15 Times

What the fuck? Am I wrong or did Roger Goodell speak out on Deshaun's initial 6-game suspension handed down from an independent arbitrator, appeal it, say his behavior was ‘egregious’ and ‘predatory’, and hire his buddy to push for a full year ban? Deshaun can't like Roger and Roger can't like the position Deshaun put the league in, right? You would think these two would be AT BEST head nodders on the way by each other. Nope, they are stop and embrace, full-on tongue out like they're remaking the WAZZZZZZZUPPPP commercial type of friends.

Folks, I counted 15 belly pats from Roger Goodell. FIFTEEN!!! The tape doesn't lie.

Neeeeeed a Mic in there. What on Earth could they possibly have been saying that generating 15 belly pats? No massage comments, please.

That greeting tells me that Roger Goodell and the NFL want to move on from the Deshaun Watson saga. And that's probably a good move for them, honestly. I truly think the Browns are going to be very, very good this year, and the league cannot be getting ready for an AFC Championship in Cleveland and still have the story be all about the massages. The NFL is the most powerful brand in the world, and they are going to control the narrative. While I don't think it'll ever completely go away, I do think it'll die down this year, especially as the Browns win.