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I'm All About Betting Against New York Teams Today


33-55-2 (-5.6 units)

Not exactly a banner day for yours truly yesterday, but it was not a disaster either. We went one and two and were down -0.6 units. Kyle Schwarber had a rough game against the Marlins. We didn’t hit that home run prop; thanks to former tiger Michael Lorenzen twirling a gem for the Phillies, we did cover on the run line. I swear to God, I am officially done putting my faith in the Toronto Blue Jays. Fool me once, shame on you. But I’ve been fooled like eight times by this team, and they keep letting me down. I got a blog coming out about them later. They are a remarkably annoying baseball team. Maybe I’ve just had bad luck, but they have to be one of the worst squads in baseball to bet on this year. They are the Chris Castellani of baseball teams. They just can’t get out of their own way. So despite yesterday’s not-so-great results, I’m still feeling pretty good. We’ve put up good numbers over the last week or so. It’s all about avoiding disastrous days. I feel like it’s been a while since we’ve gotten swept. And I like today’s board. I tried to narrow it down to three picks daily, but this one was tough. There are a lot of plays that I like. But enough talk. Let’s get onto today’s picks.  

Orioles -1.5 (+120) against the Mets

I usually never use this phrase, but this is easy money. The New York Mets are a dead baseball team, and they have David Peterson going tonight, one of the worst starters in Major League Baseball. As frustrating as the season has been for the Mets, The best thing for them long-term is that they bottom out and get a good draft pick. They just got their teeth kicked in by the Royals, who’ve been bizarrely hot over the last week or so, and tonight they go on the road in Baltimore against a first-place ball club that’s hungry and pretty darn hot. They just won three out of four in Toronto. I usually pay closer attention to the matchups when it comes to my picks, but this is one of those instances where I had to jump on this right away. Maybe Buck Showalter returning to Baltimore will lead to some Mets magic, but the Mets have had very little magic this season, to begin with. I’m all over the Orioles. 

Astros -1.5 (+115) against the Yankees

Hunter Brown takes the mound tonight for the Houston Astros. A rookie pitcher making their Yankee Stadium debut can often be trouble, but in this instance, I don’t know if it matters. Luis Severino is pitching for the Yankees. It is very sad watching him take the mound every fifth day right now. He is a shell of what he was in 2017/2018 as a borderline Cy Young candidate. The Yankees will keep trotting him out there, but I feel like his days as a starter are coming to a close. Maybe he’ll find it in the bullpen one day. Houston lost a close game to New York last night. I feel like it’s been a long time since the Yankees won back-to-back games against the Astros. Honestly, I was stunned that they were able to survive last night. I just kept waiting for things to go sideways. I kind of feel like they will for New York this evening.

Freddie Freeman to homer (+425) against the Padres

Freddie Freeman is so insanely good. I know Ronald Acuña Jr. is doing his thing, and it’s his MVP to lose right now, but Freeman is having quite possibly the best season of what will end up being a Hall of Fame-career. Tonight he goes up against a pitcher he’s had a lot of success against. I’m not a huge Yu Darvish guy, especially in 2023. It seems like he always follows up a great start with a dud, and Freddie Freeman sees him well. He has eight hits in 28 plate appearances against Darvish with three home runs. Freeman has seen the ball well all year, but lately, he’s been unconscious. I hope that continues tonight. I love cashing in on home run props. It’s so satisfying. 

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