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The Spire City Ghost Hounds First Baseman Finished Off A Double Play Then Hopped Into The Crowd To Try And Fight A Fan

Almost had a Malice at the Palace type event go down in Fredrick, Maryland where the Spire City Ghost Hounds took on the Long Island Ducks. Former MLB player Raudy Read playing first for the Ghost Hounds and he finishes off a double play in extra innings. But immediately after making the out he starts to jog over to the side, not the dugout. He tosses his glove and proceeds to hop the fence and go into the crowd. He's a man on a mission. And it sounds like he had a damn good reason to try and find this guy.

You sit there and allegedly talk trash and call this guy names all game? Yeah, you're going to probably get your ass kicked. Just cuz you have a ticket doesn't give you the right to be an asshole, but it should give you the right to possibly get your ass kicked if you mouth off to the wrong person. This dude was all big and tough until the guy he was verbally abusing all night decided to hop over the fence and you know the fan in the stands booked it as fast as he could. He didn't want the smoke. That fan was lucky security and coaches caught up to Read, this man looked reallll upset. Wouldn't have hated to see the fan get his ass kicked though, I do love that rule from Big Cat. Each athlete gets one fight per season vs any fan they want, sounds like Read wanted to cash his card in here. Would love to know how fast this dude sprinted to his car, record 40 time I bet. 

PS. I've hit a home run (in a softball game) at this field (it was a softball fence) before, not a big deal.