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The Robots Are Here: Girl Going Viral On Twitter For Her New Tropical Bikini Is Nothing But AI

Is nothing sacred anymore? The robots have gone too far this time. What's next? AI generated Barstool Sports blogs? Meet Vicki who apparently is AI generated, and honestly these eyes may not be experienced but I wouldn't have blinked twice if you told me it was real. AI images I get. That seems easier to do in my head. But a full video of a try-on haul or whatever influencer girls call it these days is bananas. It's maybe the first instance of AI besides all these blogs I crank out on a daily basis that I thought maybe we're in a little bit of trouble here.

Technology has come a long way and under each tweet of this Miss Vicki Verano you'll see many men who want to give this nonexistent woman some money. I'm not going to link them here, but it won't take you much scrolling to find, if any at all. Anyway, I wanted one thing to try and justify that it doesn't look real at all, and there's one part of the video where her fingers bend in a not-so-human-like way:

No clue what bend is in those fingers but it's surely not human. There's a movie that'll be made about some father who blew the family wealth on his AI honey, decimating the kids college fund all from some virtual video that no one on Earth knows how we got to. There's only one mystery woman who was ahead of her time in warning us of the potential dangers and it's time we activate her to Congress and stop this nonsense.

In a normal blog, I'd probably leave you with photos from their Instagram or Twitter otherwise the comment section will rip me to shreds. It doesn't feel right in this blog, so enjoy the one video of AI Vicki and just know the robots aren't coming, they're already here.