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The Titans Released A Player Because He Was Fighting His Teammates Way Too Much

Well it appears as if Mike Vrabel is not messing around with training camp fights this year. He doesn't like his players fighting because if you fight in a game you get ejected, so he doesn't want his guys doing it in camp. That is where Jamarco Jones messed up. The OT got cut after getting into too many fights in practices with his own teammates. One of those fights almost started a brawl according to Ian Rapoport. That is a hell of a way to get cut from a football team that needs help on the offensive line.  

You could just hear it in Vrabel's voice, he was pissed. You heard him say it would be a penalty in the game, he won't stand for the dirty plays that lead to fights. You could also pinpoint the second he knew he was cutting him. 2nd fight in 2 days in camp, you just can't do that. These coaches don't have time for that dumb shit. And maybe the dumbest move Jones pulled of them of the guys he tried to start a fight with was JEFFERY SIMMONS. If you don't know, this is what Big Jeff looks like. 

Andy Lyons. Getty Images.

You should be cut for just trying to think you can fight 98. But yeah, great impression by Jones this training camp by laying dirty hits on your teammates and basically trying to fight everyone. Sure fire way to make a team.