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Marcus Smart Getting A Tattoo While Flying Is Both Insane And Extremely On Brand

Little fact about me, I don't have a single tattoo. Some might say it's because the Torah says you can't, but I most certainly do not care about that. The real reason is because 

1. I am a gigantic pussy

2. I don't really have anything I'd want to tattoo on myself

3. See #1

Who knows, maybe that changes in the future because I do think it's cool to see other people's tattoos and learn the stories behind them, especially when the artwork is awesome or there's a cool meaning behind it. My brain can't really comprehend how tattoo artists are able to do some of the things you see today which really is just another example I suppose of me being extremely jealous of other people with actual tangible talents.

What I certainly haven't ever seen before is someone getting a tattoo on a private jet. Admittedly, I've also never been on a private jet before so my apologies if this is something that happens all the time. But when I saw this tweet of Smart getting tatted up while on his private jet, my initial thought was 

"of course he is"

Only Marcus Smart would be crazy enough to try something like this I feel like. Now, I do have some follow up questions of course. Was this in the actual air? I think that matters here. If they were delayed on the runway for hours due to weather or something and they needed to kill time, I guess sure, fire that thing up and get to work. But if this was while the plane was actually flying? That seems nuts to me. Unless private jets are so awesome that they eliminate all turbulence or something, there's no way that was a smooth flight the whole way. 

Talk about pressure for the tattoo artist too. I imagine when getting a tattoo they prefer you to stay completely still or as still as possible so you don't fuck it up seeing as how you know, this shit is permanent. The concentration level required for something like this seems off the charts. It's not like you can command+Z to undo something if you mess up like I just did typing this sentence. 

All in all, this is just a little insight for Grizzlies fans as to what they should expect from their new point guard. He does crazy shit basically at all times. Time and time again Smart will make you shake your head and laugh, unable to really comprehend what happened. Sometimes it's good, sometimes it makes you want to rip your hair out, and sometimes it's things in normal life that any rational person would never try. It's all part of the Marcus Smart Experience