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Turns Out Anthony Rizzo Isn't Washed Up, He's Just Been Dealing With A Concussion For TWO MONTHS That The Yankees Didn't Realize Until Just Now

Jim McIsaac. Getty Images.

Anthony Rizzo began the 2023 season on a tear. With the shift banned from the game he was expected to be one of the main benefactors and see his production go up. For two months we saw that. Then May 28th happened…

Rizzo got hip-checked in the face from Tatis Jr. during a pickoff play. From that point on Rizzo's play completely deteriorated. He quite literally forgot how to play the sport. Just look at the splits. He went 40+ games without a homer! 

There was too drastic of a drop off to chalk it up as a guy who had hit a wall in his career. That's not a slump, that's a clear as day injury. Puppet Boone addressed it almost every week and said Rizzo was fully healthy which honestly was alarming if true considering how bad he looked on the field. Something was very clearly wrong and every fan could see it. Today, more than two months later, the organization came to that conclusion. 

So Anthony Rizzo has essentially been dealing with a concussion for two months. That's what you're telling me. Boone, Cashman, the whole organization watched this guy lose all of his baseball ability in the blink of an eye and didn't think to run him through a full battery of tests constantly to make sure he was okay. They just accepted that he was in a prolonged slump with seemingly no end in sight. Rizzo spoke on everything today. If you don't want to watch the three minute clip I throw in some tweets later on that detail his issues. 

Dude was waking up feeling hungover and frequently forgot how many outs there were. 

All of that sounds fucking horrifying and yet the Yankees didn't seem to notice as he swung and missed through everything for two months? TWO MONTHS???? Of course a pro athlete by nature will try to play through whatever is plaguing them to be there for the team. At some point when you see your player going through that bad of a stretch you have to question everything, especially when there's the clear as day hip-check to the head on the day everything went south. It was painfully obvious something was wrong and the organization ignored all signs as they put their first baseman out there risking his health.  

Rizzo actually told the team this past weekend about his issues after his worst game of the year. They absorbed that information and played him the next two days. Negligence on all accounts. Fire-able in every way. 

Insanity. It's just another example of how much of a clown show the Yankees organization has turned into. How does this not lead to a massive lawsuit? People straight up need to lose their jobs for this. They let a dude play with a glaring concussion that was impacting his everyday life for two fucking months. I'm absolutely furious. Hopefully Rizzo is able to get right and eventually become symptom free, but man is this bad. I absolutely detest this organization and I hope they get destroyed for this.