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An Absolute Badass: A Former Helicopter Pilot In The Marines Is Now A 34-Year Old, Walk-On Kicker For Virginia

All these stories about guys playing college sports forever because of COVID free years and what not, here's a legit awesome story. Matt Ganyard, a man who graduated from Virginia in 2011, is back on campus and a kicker for the football team. Guess I should mention he's a former Marine. Dude went from being a complete badass American hero to being a kicker in the ACC, not too shabby of a run. 

I mean why not? Who cares about eligibility and certain amount of years in college? If you can't be a pro and you're going to classes, you should be able to play college sports. Everyone calls it a minor league already, might as well embrace it. Mix in a couple 30-year old kickers who want to stay on campus and be a 17th year senior. 

Love the move to be a walk-on kicker too. No pressure there. You get to be on the football team. You don't have to worry about being hit. Hell, you hardly have to worry about lining up for the game-winning field goal. But, then again, if you served you probably don't feel pressure about kicking field goals. Let Ganyard do the opening kickoff against Virginia Tech and it's a guarantee win over your rival. 

PS: This is an elite video