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Lil Wayne Will Debate Skip Bayless Once A Week On FS1. Yes That Is A Real Sentence

What the fuck is going on? Nothing surprises me anymore but this is such an odd pairing and I actually love it. Lil Wayne is one of the most interesting and coolest people in the world. He will occasionally chime in with some funny sports takes out of the blue on Twitter that are hilarious. 

I need to know Weezy's in depth thoughts on the Red Sox. Is he mad that the Red Sox kind of didn't do anything at the trade deadline? Was he a Kike' Hernandez fan? Who knows.

I think this was during the College World Series, which brings me to my question. Why the fuck is Lil Wayne watching the College World Series? I think in his house he sits like we all do in the gambling cave with 6 tvs watching sports non stop. I want to know what pisses him off in sports the most like what really gets to him. 

I am pretty sure this is when Volk lost on a bad decision. After looking back on all of his tweets, I think he will absolutely dominate Skip Bayless. Wayne has some of the best lyrics in the rap game, so he can absolutely bury Skip if he really wants to, even if he is wrong. 


Okay he is going to fucking kill it on FS1. Giving up on one of the best quarterbacks in the league is exactly what NFL teams should do if they want to get better.

Lil Wayne is also extremely relatable that he doesn't want to talk to a single person after his team loses. It is fuck everyone when the Pack lose and he puts his whole life on Do Not Disturb. This is going to be massive and a brilliant move by PS1 because this was the only thing that could make Sip Bayless a little likable. If you go through Lil Wayne's tweets they are all about sports and I love it. I hope he comes with stats, unreal takes, and just dominates every debate.