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Vanessa Kirby Has Reportedly Been Cast As Sue Storm For The MCU's Fantastic Four

The Fantastic Four are an interesting crew of supes. Personally, I never cared much for the early movies (with Jessica Alba as Sue Storm) or the reboot (ft. Kate Mara) but this new version will be directed by Jon Watts, who made the very successful spider-man trilogy. That should definitely gives us a little hope for a competent movie but I still just don't see the appeal in the characters.

That said, Vanessa Kirby is a great actress and a phenomenal choice for this franchise. 

She's badass and has a proven track record in big budget movies. Naturally that SHOULD make her a great fit in helping right the ship for Marvel, but who knows anymore. This downward spiral that Marvel has been on has sucked so bad not just as a person who really liked the trajectory of the MCU into Endgame, but just as a movie fan in general. This movie is still way down the line so it's not gonna help fix shit anytime soon either. Depressing. 

Anyway, watch Dana admit to pissing on his car chair for no reason.