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Lizzo Denies All Allegations Made Against Her, And Now The Ex Employees Are Bringing It To Court

And cue the unnecessarily long, and completely out of touch notes app statement with zero acceptance of responsibility:

What a fucking mess this all is.  Did you guys see one of the main people in this lawsuit at one point, was so afraid of leaving a practice with Lizzo, she peed herself? NBC broke it down:

The day before, Lizzo had told the group that they would have to audition again, a move that prompted what the suit described as an “excruciating” 12-hour rehearsal. 

If Lizzo was dissatisfied with their performances, the suit alleges, the dancers would be fired and sent home.

During the rehearsal, Davis was so fearful she’d lose her job if she went to the bathroom, she soiled her pants. She was given a see-through outfit with no undergarments to finish the performance, the suit says.

That story, among the handful of others coming out - are NOT good. People are also starting to chime in online, those who have worked for her in the past and had similarly scarring experiences. So…knowing all this, you still put out a total bogus (and rude) notes app statement? If she was going to come in with this energy, why didn't she just stay quiet about the whole thing and let the lawsuits play out? IMO, she's put herself in the worst spot possible. These allegations are damning as hell and from where I'm sitting, she needs a PR overhaul to get through it.