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The Rock Bought UFC Fighter Themba Gorimbo A House So He Doesn't Have To Sleep The Gym Anymore

Themba Gorimbo is a UFC Welterweight from Zimbabwe with an incredibly inspiring story. He came to America a few years ago with only the clothes on his back, and lives in the same gym where he trains - sleeping on a couch upstairs when the place shuts down. 

We call this the 'Young Mantis' around here.

All Gorimbo thinks about is fighting, getting his family moved over to America, and helping out his village back home. 

After winning his last fight and selling his Fight Kit online, he put all his money towards a new watering hole for his home in Zimbabwe over a place to stay himself - a truly selfless man.

Before his last fight, Gorimbo only had $7 to his name, and spoke about how being in the same position Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson was once in inspired him; this caught the attention of The Rock....

....who then flew out to Florida to meet Themba himself....

….and in this super heartwarming video, The Rock reveals that he bought Gorimbo a house in Florida so his family can move to America and he can stop couch surfing. 

It's all paid off, and bills aren't a concern - all The Rock wants to for Gorimbo to go become UFC Champion. Pretty fuckin awesome.

Sure, it doesn't look GREAT on UFC fighter pay being this professional fighter is being treated a bit like a charity case here, but after hearing that Gorimbo's headed right back to Zimbabwe to build ANOTHER watering hole after this, how could you feel anything but happy for him?

Shoutout to The Dwayne. Guy is the man.