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Large Group Of Absolute Morons Accuse Jason Kelce Of "Playing Fetch With His Kids Like They're Dogs"

Yesterday the NFL Network shared a video of Eagles center Jason Kelce playing with two of his three daughters on the field after a long day of training camp. Apparently they wait for this moment every day, and the only thoughts that entered my mind were, "Love it, adorable, gonna do this with my own kid in the shaded section of our local park soon." 

But, naturally, in true internet form, a large slew of commenters had other thoughts that were quick to crap on him for "playing fetch with his kids like they're dogs". 

Here's a quick sample size of a much larger pile of - and I'm sorry to get crass here - lame, can't-think-of-a-good-joke-on-their-own, dum dum poopy butt idiot faces:

There were so many trolls that Kelce's wife, Kylie, shared the reel with her own thoughts: 

“People in these comments saying ‘He’s playing fetch with his kids like they are dogs!' Just say you don’t have toddlers. If you listen, you can hear him counting. So technically, they are racing."

As a toddler parent, too, I have to agree that there's no way any of these guys have toddlers (or if they do I wouldn't be shocked to find them in #deadbeat territory). Kids are just over-the-moon jazzed to spend time with you, and to be able to share your job with them in a fun way - especially when you're clearly completey drained of energy - is pretty sweet. My son gets excited when we unload the dishwasher or brush our teeth together, and he was in cloud 9 when I brought him into the Chicago office last week (so many knick knacks, gadgets, & bar games in here, oh and HQ Spider). 

Clearly they've never seen the Bluey episode where the parents are hungover after a New Years Eve party & come up with a game that involves them laying on the floor for a long time resting as the kids pretend they're whale watching. Still top notch parenting; a right of passage really.

Thankfully the overwhelming response was other parents feeling like, "Whoa, Jason Kelce, one of us, one of us!"

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Shoutout to the Kelce fam for juggling training camp, a new baby, two toddlers and whatever else they have going on. Forever Philly-area faves despite a few dorks in the comments.