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A Pac-12 Reporter Says He Expects The Future Of The Conference To Be Determined In The Next 24 Hours

There may not be an organization in the world in more immediate uncertainty and turmoil than the Pac-12. Seemingly every school in the conference that's remotely desirable is currently devising a potential exit strategy while the league office is scrambling to prevent the conference from potentially dissolving altogether. It's a complete shitshow.

Colorado has already announced it will depart for its old home in the Big 12. Arizona is reportedly weighing leaving the league, though Arizona State also factors into that decision. Oregon and Washington are being courted by the Big Ten and UW has scheduled an impromptu Board of Regents meeting for tonight at 9 p.m. local time. And oh by the way, the Pac-12 is trying to finalize a media rights deal with Apple while all of this is going on and the league is potentially hours away from completely crumbling.

Every half hour, there's a new update on what Pac-12 school is going where and who's holding another meeting. It's pure chaos.

Pac-12 reporter Jon Wilner seems to think all of this will come to a head in the next day or so. As for where things will end up, that's still a mystery.

It certainly seems at this point like the future of the Pac-12 is not a prosperous one, if it exists at all. And while this probably isn't an ideal outcome for college sports, it almost seems inevitable in retrospect from the moment USC and UCLA announced they were leaving for the Big Ten. Add on top of that the unmitigated disaster that has been the Pac-12's media deal — or lack thereof — and you get a lot of emergency Board of Regents meetings.

The landscape of college sports could look very different on Monday morning than it does right now.