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The Full Trailer For HBO's Doc About Bishop Sycamore "High School" Just Dropped And This One Is Sure To Be A Certified Banger

I'd put this wild and disturbing Bishop Sycamore story up against almost any in the history of sports. Aaron Hernandez, Nate Newton, Darren Rovell's 40-yard dash video...this stands toe-to-toe with anything you can remember. And in some ways it's worse because it involves taking advantage of underprivileged kids...and apparently some grown ass men too. 

If you don't remember the story, Bishop Sycamore played in a high school football showcase on ESPN and were molly whopped 58-0 by the IMG Academy. Almost immediately after news started to break that not only was Bishop Sycamore likely a fake school but that some of the players were already graduated and in their 20s.

This guy Roy Johnson went around promising the moon to kids and their parents saying Sycamore was going to be the IMG Academy of the midwest. What it ended up being was way closer to the math classes at LeBron's I Promise Academy

He promised students they would get to train at Ohio State facilities and then they practiced in a field outside an apartment complex where Ohio State players lived. They provided zero education whatsoever except one trip to the library and some online classes which got cancelled because he never paid the bill. They had no trainers. They had no coaches. They shared helmets. They were evicted from hotel rooms constantly.

And yet here is this asshole saying shit like this on the documentary...

That face right there is the face of someone who would steal from their own mother's purse and then blame their dad. I repeat once again, fuck this guy.

That's also the face of a guy who allegedly lured kids to live in a hotel and didn't feed them so they had to resort to shoplifting food from the local grocery store. So I guess the answer to his question is technically "no, he didn't do anything illegal" but that doesn't mean he shouldn't be put behind bars. Or maybe just kicked in the nuts repeatedly by the parents until that dumb ass smile is wiped off his egg head. 

I'm sure there is a ton more to the story and I can't wait to hear about it. I know Netflix and Prime are heavy in the doc game now but HBO is the OG and I'm just glad it's them telling this story. No one does it better. 

If you want to learn more about the scam that was Bishop Sycamore Reags wrote a great blog almost exactly a year ago when the teaser for this doc dropped.

The beating these kids were taking on the field over and over should have been a dead giveaway. I'm anxious to see how this scam artist kept this grift going for as long as he did. 

I also hope we get a deeper dive into just how much money is corrupting high school football because it's getting bad. And any time money is flooding into a certain space you know the leeches, like Roy Johnson, will follow.

I'll be waiting on pins and needles on August 23rd when this bad boy drops. And the second we hear the most iconic open in television history we know it's game time…