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Brooklyn Bridge Broad Gets Bullied After Blocking Rush Hour Traffic Because Of A Minor Fender Bender

On today's Mid Show, you'll hear Kate FAWNING over how happy she is as a new Chicago resident. You can tell in her tone how sincere she is when expressing her feelings for her new home. 

Now I looooove shitting on NYC as much as the next guy, but I will also point out Chicago's warts. Our crime, politics, corruption, sports, etc. are all god-fucking-awful. Everyone knows that, and nobody knows that more than those of us who grew up in or close to this town. 

Part of the reason is you won't have to deal with assholes like this straight up KAREN blocking bridges, exits, or roads after a little love tap fender bender: 

Everyone in the midwest is sooOOooooOOOOOO nice!!! In fact if this exact accident happened on some 290 exit, not only would the people behind her on the exit help her to the hospital, they'd probably pay for her medical bills

Because that's what Midwest hospitality is all about! 

Just kidding. Assholes like this woman are a borderless nation; they lurk in the weeds and fine opportune moments like this one to pounce and be a complete and total fucking TWAT. I know I just shit on NYC a bunch, but that was mostly all said in jest; in fact, if we're being honest they were TOO nice with this woman. These people aren't acting like the stereotypical New Yorker. They're acting fucking SOFT. 

At least start swearing or something. I would have lost my fucking MIND on her if she was holding up traffic on my way home from work. 

And that's because that commute is the only thing that separates me and my personal Nirvana; watching TV on my couch for hours on end. All I care about is getting home safely so I can hit the couch and consuming mindless drivel for the next 6-8 hours. Anything or anyone that impedes me from doing that is not only evil, but should be hung in the town square like they're Benito Moussolini. Just the worst of the worst. 

PS - I'd love to take credit for the beautiful alliteration in the blog's title, but I was struggling and outsourced it to Uncle Chaps. I think he hit a home run