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This May Surprise You, But Urban Meyer Reportedly Took A Coach's Phone To Call A Jags Safety And Demand An Apology For Being Called A 'Rookie Coach'

I think we've reached the point with Urban Meyer and the Jaguars that almost any story you hear is just blindly true. This? This is one I firmly believe. Urban Meyer, for as successful he was in college, is an egomaniac - like most coaches. He couldn't handle losing or insults or anything else. Not enough pizza in the world for him to drown himself with after being called a rookie coach. 

I also don't know if Urban is aware or not that he was a rookie coach. That's not exactly an insult. But even Nick Saban stunk in the pros. It's almost like college coaches mostly don't work coaching in the NFL level and vice versa. Not exactly breaking news there. But stealing the positional coach's phone to hide your name calling Andrew Wingard is fucking hilarious. Nothing like a good prank call to scare the living shit out of one of your guys. 

Nothing like a good threat too. Hey, you like playing in the NFL? Well, you're about to be cut if you don't apologize right now. Classic gag to get your way. But really it just shows how shocking it is that Urban Meyer didn't work out with the Jags. I simply can't comprehend why a guy like Wingard is so outspoken about it all. 

Starting to connect some dots that the Jags players really didn't like Urban

Nothing as terrifying as getting a call from your boss when you're just sitting around. Stomach just drops, you know nothing good is going to happen.