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Colin Cowherd Is A Moron And Thinks Baker Mayfield Should Retire Because He Might Lose The QB Battle With Kyle Trask

The disrespect for Baker Mayfield is actually insane. This man was the number 1 pick overall so I understand he hasn't lived up to that potential but he has been in some shitty situations. Getting drafted by the Browns was an uphill battle right away because if you start naming all of the quarterbacks they have had over the past 10 years he was the only successful one. They were a fumble away on the one yard line to go to a AFC Championship. A franchise that has fucked up every quarterback and all of their draft picks, but somehow people think Baker is to blame. 

Baker had struggles last season with Carolina, but that team was a disaster with or without him and they even traded their best player away. 

But there was good too- He won a game for the Rams on two days of knowing he was on the team which was a very fun day on Twitter. The internet does love rooting for Baker and it would be so fun if he was like that game more often. 

Cowherd said one smart thing and it is Baker should be a starter or nothing. So even if he loses out to Kyle Trask, I guarantee Baker will end up playing again soon when Trask stinks in the beginning of the season. Cowherd just has a hard-on to shit on Baker Mayfield because he know it gets him clicks (which I'm giving him, but that's the way it works I guess) but I will say it loud and proud now- I was a year too early on Baker, this year he will break out and show he deserves to be a starter in the league. That's the Marty Mush Guarantee.