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For The First Time In The History Of Ford Field, The Detroit Lions Have Sold Out Their Season Tickets

It's kind of amazing what happens when you give people a quality product. I've already written my blog about my expectations for the Lions this year. I am genuinely excited. I think they have a good roster, but I'm staying at arm's length because they are still the Lions and have an inane ability to let everyone down. Am I surprised this is the first time the Lions have sold out season tickets? Kind of, but I shouldn't be. In my lifetime, I don't recall a Lions season that had this much hype going into it. Even if things go sideways, I don't believe the hype to be unjustified. This is a very intriguing football team. 

Someone like me may be a good test for this kind of stuff. I didn't buy season tickets, but I have not been to a Lions game since they beat the Broncos in 2007. I have not felt like I've had a reason to go. I'm pretty stingy about that stuff. I don't live in Detroit, so if I make the three hours round-trip, I will go to watch products that I feel proud of. With baseball, it's different. I enjoy going to games and walking around the park because I love baseball more than anything. The last time I went to Ford Field was in 2019, when my high school made it to the state championship (shout out to Lansing Catholic.) I've also only been to one Detroit Pistons game in my adult life, and that's because I got free tickets. As fans, we're doing the organization a favor by going to their games. It's not the other way around. But I will attend at least one Lions home game this year because the product intrigues me. Also, content.

This Lions team will either be remembered as the group that changed the franchise and brought a lot of hope to a fan base that has seen a lot of crap, or they'll be the biggest disappointment in recent Detroit sports history. There's no in-between. As fun as things were down the stretch for the Lions last year, they were not the team that other teams circled on the calendar when I saw them on the schedule. That's going to change this year. If they find a way to go to Arrowhead and knock off the Chiefs in week one, the already high expectations will become astronomical. Maybe they live up to the hype, or perhaps they won't, but if the season ticket sales are any indication, Ford Field will be rocking.