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New York City Has A New Villain: Underage Rich Kid Is Allegedly Sabotaging A 5-Star Hotel Because They Refused To Serve Him Alcohol

NY Post - rejected underage drinker allegedly launched a bizarre smear campaign against the star-studded Mark hotel in Manhattan — hiring protesters to wave signs accusing the business of supporting pedophiles and “denying the Holocaust,” according to a new lawsuit.

Theodore Weintraub allegedly paid demonstrators to chant with wild signs outside the five-star hotel, on East 77th Street near Fifth Avenue, after he was booted for repeatedly trying to buy drinks with a fake ID, according to a suit filed Thursday in Manhattan Supreme Court.

Protesters’ signs falsely declared, “The Mark Supports [Jeffrey] Epstein,” “The Mark Denies the Holocaust” and “The Mark Spreads Disease,” according to the suit.

If you're going to deny a kid named Theodore Weintraub a $29 Kaspia Martini, you have to expect that he's going to send shooters. Theodore Weintraub is no humble kid from a working class family who believes that the law applies to him the same way as everyone else. That's the name of an entitled son of an extremely wealthy doctor who does whatever he wants, whenever he pleases, and never has to deal with the consequences of his actions.

Trouble first bubbled up when Weintraub repeatedly tried to buy drinks from the hotel’s trendy bar — where a Kaspia Martini with rye vodka costs $29 — during the summer of 2021, according to the suit, which alleges defamation and seeks a restraining order and damages. Weintraub allegedly became “increasingly aggressive” about being turned away from the glamorous hotel, which has hosted celebrities such as Drake, Gigi Hadid and Angelina Jolie — and once boasted a $75,000-per-night penthouse suite. 

Now clearly this kid is an asshole. It's fuck this kid 100 times out of 100, and anybody who tries to completely ruin a business for almost any reason is a piece of shit. But he has the makings of a fantastic super villain. Deny Theodore a single designer cocktail, and he will use all of the unearned money at his disposal to ruin your life. And not by vandalizing the building with spray paint, or leaving a series of negative Yelp reviews, or even just your standard run-of-the-mill protest. He's going to spread rumors of disease. He's going to use the p-word. He's going to say that you deny the Holocaust. All while watching from across the street in his brand new Cadillac, cackling to himself while vaping on his enormous stock of fun flavored Juul pods he bought out the day the day before they were discontinued.

Weintraub was also seen sitting in a parked Cadillac and smirking as the “protesters” picketed nearby, workers told, which first reported the story. 

That's a villain straight out of a Netflix series. 

I'm calling it right now, we haven't heard the last of Theodore Weintraub. A man who grudges like this doesn't simply destroy one 5-star hotel then go on with his life. I predict we'll be hearing the name Theodore Weintraub for years to come. Whether he's Martin Shkreili-ing a new life saving cancer drug making it unavailable to any person with a net worth of under $10 million, buying the Cleveland Guardians and tanking their franchise to move it to Florida like Rachel Phelps in Major League, excavating half of Central Park to turn it into a shopping mall that will make the Mall of America look like a bodega, or hatching a hairbrained scheme to take over the world that involves a pool of sharks with laser beams on their freakin' heads. 

Weintraub vs The Mark is merely his origin story. All we need now is a protagonist. Maybe the poor son of whichever janitor Theodore accused of being a pedophile will take it upon himself to bring down Weintraub and save the city. Idk how he's going to do that. He might have to literally become Batman. But someone has to step in if this villain is ever going to be stopped.

However, I can't help but laugh at the idea of Drake getting caught up in the middle of this. Picturing Drake leaving his luxury hotel room to go play a sold out show at Madison Square Garden, and he's got some paid asshole screaming at him about Jeffrey Epstein.

He allegedly timed the “protests” to be during hotel’s most “populated time periods” when “VIP guests were expected to be entering or exiting” the building, the suit states.

One protester was caught on camera chanting, “The Mark helped Epstein!” as Drake left the hotel on July 17, according to video footage.