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John Oliver Made His Own Tax-Exempt Church Because Apparently It's Really Easy To Do That


Finally got to watch this today, since 20 minute videos might as well be a death sentence for someone like me who can’t even take a piss without looking at my phone. Seriously if you gave me a 20 minute video to watch with the promise that at the end of it Lindsey Pelas would pop out of the screen and let me motorboat her, I’d end up hitting pause and watching YouTube videos of Randy Marsh for 45 minutes before getting up and doing something else. Finishing a 20 mintue YouTube video is like a fucking game of Jumanji. Lindsey’s tits are going to be at her ankles by the time I finish a 20 minute video. It took me until 3pm, but I did it with this one, and it was worth it.

Basically, John Oliver explains how fucked up TV evangelists are. How they get extremely rich, sometimes in the most bizarre ways (see sprinkling magical oil on a 1 dollar bill, then having you send it back). They’re the ultimate fake it til you make its, albeit very impressively. Now of course nobody is making these people send them money, and that’s a whole other topic for debate (preying on retards), but the video is really cool and he ends up starting his own tax-exempt church.

Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 3.26.29 PM

Definitely worth checking it out if you 1) are a student on Summer break whose day has been composed of eating 5 bowls of Honey Nut Cheerios, or 2) you’re an adult with a job.