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"Tonight I Feel Like I Lost My Virginity" - Rudy Gobert Made His First Career 3-Pointer Last Night And Then Naturally Got Extremely Weird

GAIZKA IROZ. Getty Images.

A few days ago, a video of Rudy Gobert working on his outside shooting during a Team France practice went viral

Honestly, not the worst form I've ever seen, and a nice little reminder that NBA players no matter the position are simply ridiculous. Gobert is someone who is 0-14 all time from deep in his NBA career, but maybe hanging around KAT who is largely considered one of if not the best three point shooting centers ever has started to rub off on Gobert. 

Knocking down warm up threes in practice is one thing, but as we know, doing it in a game is an entirely different story. Gobert certainly isn't the first non shooting center to knock down threes in a gym with no defense, so what did he do? He decided to actually try this shit in an actual game

Hey, not bad! Pretty decent improvement compared to when we saw this happen in an NBA game

and lord knows if Gobert and KAT are going to share the floor together that creating as much space as possible is probably a good idea. I'm going to go out on a limb and say a guy that took just 3 3PA last season (0-3) isn't suddenly going to become KAT who took 164 3PA in his 29 games last year but if this is a new skill for Gobert entering this season then all the power to him.

Of course, because it's Rudy Gobert, he had to ruin everything and instead just make things awkward as hell

Alright, what the hell man. At first, I thought this was simply another one of those troll accounts that seem to go viral all the time now. So I did some additional research because that's just the type of blogger I am. Can't be getting JMac'd here during the offseason.

As it turns out, this is really what he said

If you're not a huge French guy just click on the translate tweet link and this is what you get

"Tonight I feel like I lost my virginity."

So yup, it really happened. When I read that quote comparing losing your virginity to making a 3PM, I immediately thought of this moment

Then I started to wonder if this quote seemed weird not because of the line, but rather because of who said it. Rudy Gobert seems to always bring this stuff upon himself. It's all just a little cringy if we're being honest. There are times when maybe Gobert gets some unnecessary hate from fans, but there's also that time he pulled all that shit right at the start of Covid, and NBA players do love to vote him as one of the most overrated players in the league so who knows. Honestly, the only time I've ever really been on Gobert's side is when he beefed with Draymond. That was fun.

But this? This is just weird.