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Trea Turner Is Officially Broken And Needs To Get His Shit Fixed - NOW

Yup. Barstool Philly Twitter is very correct. 2 outs. Extra innings. Up by 1. You gotta make that play. Or at the very slightest get in front of the damn ball and don't give me this Oley Bullshit and knock it down. You're not Roger Dorn. You're Trea Fucking Turner. It's finally time to start acting like it. 

And it really, really, really sucks Trea Turner is the absolute scapegoat of a game the Phillies were up 5-0 in the 6th inning. There's plenty of blame to go around, such as: 

- Offense having plenty of opportunities early to score at minimum double-digit runs, settle for 5

- Jeff Hoffman good GOD just throw strikes man

- Soto is either the most unhittable pitcher to ever throw a baseball or he's the scariest to watch with a lead

- Topper didn't use Kimbrel in the 9th up by 1 but brought him in for the 10th up by 2 - yet he's now tipping all of his pitches to a runner on 2nd and BALKS ON PURPOSE??? I don't know wtf is going on with that.

So, yeah, it's not ALL Trea Turner's fault, but he will get most of if not 100% of the blame because of his struggles and that last play was so disastrously disastrous. 

Look, I'm not one to pile it on. That's what Philly Sports Radio and social media are for. I'm here to find a solution to fix the obviously broken down Trea Turner. And broken he is. You see it at the plate as he seemingly starts out every at bat with 2 strikes. You see it with runners on 3 with less than 2 outs and he can never seem to get them home. And now, the most damaging, you see it in the field with routine plays at short that middle schoolers can make. He's mentally broken. It's a damn shame. There's no real explanation how he got to this point, either. Just look at these numbers from literally his entire career compared to this season in Philly: 

Like Nick Castellanos entering Philly with a pretty shit year last season, I'm very confident Trea will turn it around. You don't bat almost .300 across the board for a decade in The Show and regress to a .237 hitter (with a .291 OBP CRIKEY!!!). That just doesn't happen. But the Phillies can't wait for next season for their $300+ milly man to figure it out. It needs to happen - NOW. Trea has got to end August as at least an average shortstop and hitter or else The Fightins are stuck in some real deep dick. The real question is how does that happen? Do you give him a series off? Ship him to the Iron Pigs? Spike his drink with some Ayahuasca and let him figure his shit out in a different dimension? There's no wrong suggestion, but the Phillies need him to perform sooner than later. 

S/O to the Daycare kids once again for coming out and performing every single night. Stott being clutch aka himself, Bohm with a casual 4 hit/3 RBI evening, and Brandon Marsh coming off the bench and going yam in extras: 

You can make a serious argument for any one of those three to be the MVP of the offense. Even with Bryce in the lineup. 

And now we have day action. The Phillies are 3-3 in their last 6 while literally GIVING two games away to the Pirates and one to the Marlins (albeit they did earn the one W in the 9th after Alcantara shut them down for 8 innings). Time to close this series out right and start to put the Fish away before the playoffs.