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Tom Cruise Is Wasting No Time, Reportedly Wants To Rekindle The Old Flame With Sofia Vergara Now That She's Single

[Source] - Tom Cruise allegedly wants to reconnect with one-time date Sofia Vergara following her split from husband Joe Manganiello.

The “Top Gun” superstar, 61, briefly wooed the “Modern Family” actress, 51, back in 2005, shortly before he fell for Katie Holmes, 44.

“They do have that history already, even if it was more of a brief dalliance than a fully-fledged romance,” a source told UK’s Heat magazine, as per The Mirror.

“It’s always eaten away at Tom that he dumped Sofia and chose Katie.”

Tom Cruise seems to have a type and that type is apparently ridiculously hot women who are coming off a divorce. Remember this story? 

Well Shakira has moved on with maybe Lewis Hamilton or Jimmy Butler and left Tom Cruise scrambling. Then came the news Sofia Vergara became single and bam. He's out here ready to pounce, which might be the weirdest way to put it. Love the headline, but I just picture Tom Cruise literally pouncing, which could also check out. Dude is a megastar and an all-time weirdo. That's what Scientology does to you, I guess. Hell, it scared Sofia off before: 

However, the devout Catholic actress soon started worrying that the “Eyes Wide Shut” stud would want her to convert to Scientology.

“She was fundamentally terrified of Scientology,” one of Vergara’s friends told Morton. “She sincerely believed that she would be struck down by God and burn in hell if she joined.”

Seems like a valid concern! But how about that line before about it eating away at Tom Cruise that he chose Katie Holmes over Sofia Vergara? Wonder if it's because she became the star and is everywhere you look now. Plus, I mean, she is Sofia Vergara, an ageless alien that reminds the world of it from time to time

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I sort of admire Cruise here though. The guy is playing a numbers game. If a star gets divorced, Cruise is interested. He knows the more feelers he puts out, he'll get a result one of these times. We've all been there at some point in our lives. The one who got away becomes available again. You know you want to shoot that text, you know you want one more chance. It never works out. Move on to the next divorcee, Tom, I'm telling you it won't work out.