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Big Ev And Klemmer Screaming At Each Other For Two Minutes Is My Favorite Film Of 2023

Why go to the movies when you can have this kind of entertainment at home? I'm not here to pick sides. All these guys are my dudes. They've all been super friendly to me. I love doing the baseball stuff with Klemmer. And at the end of the day, I am a shitty gambler. I'm so bad that I think most people don't even know I gamble, even though I post my picks daily. I'm Switzerland in this argument. I'm a man who enjoys entertainment, and this shit was entertainment. This two-minute clip has more enticing drama development than in most two-hour films. It's one of those clips that you could show to someone who's never heard of Barstool, and they would probably get into Barstool after watching it. 

Regarding baseball, Klemmer and I kind of had the same brain. He has ninja tactics when it comes to his arguments. Going back and forth with Klemmer in a baseball argument is like being poked with a stick. Your whatever about it at first, but after a while, you want to break that shit over your knee. The hard part is you can't ignore them because the guy is an encyclopedia of baseball knowledge. It's hard to argue with a guy who knows more about Joe DiMaggio's brothers than most people do about Joe DiMaggio. Speaking of which, have you watched our baseball content? It's fantastic.

As I said, I am relatively new to the gambling game, but I am aware that Ev is the top dog at this company regarding gambling numbers and has been ever since I got hired. But the funniest part of this clip is that at the 48-second mark, he gives Klemmer a look similar to what Patrick Bateman gave Paul Allen before he chopped his head off with an ax. My guy was seeing red. I found it relatable. I think we've all reached a point in our lives where we've been so angry at another person that we need to drop her nuts on the table. "I'm the guy" should be on every piece of Barstool merch from now until the end of time. 

I like this new and improved version of Rico Bosco. At the risk of sounding patronizing, I'm happy for him. I haven't talked to the guy in the minute, but he's improved himself. He's doing a bang-up job on Picks Central. He's got that trivia champion glow-up going on. With all of that said, Rico Bosco trying to break up a screaming match reminds me of when Rasheed Wallace tried to break up the Malice At The Palace. You appreciate the intention, but a part of you wishes the roles were reversed. Again though, character development. Aaron Sorkin wishes he could've written a script this good. 

Then you have Smitty. He got into it with Klemmer earlier in the episode, but in this clip, he's the argumentative equivalent of that scene in "The Dark Knight," where the Joker sets all the money on fire. He wanted no part of this debate. He just wants to watch the world burn. I very much relate. If I was in that position, that's what I would've been. I'm the guy who sits on the sideline and laughs as other people chew each other out. I love to scream about shit, but I usually do it on my phone when talking about the Tigers. It's all in good fun, dog. I've been warming up in the bullpen for two years. I've got a solid fastball. But I listened to this clip while I was on my run. I had to rewind like eight times. By the end of this month, I'll have this entire exchange remembered verbatim—credit to all parties. I wish I could make something else entertaining. 

Watch the full episode down below