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A Bear Stealing Your Clubs And Taking Them Into The Woods Looks Like The Perfect Excuse To Get Out Of A Shitty Round Of Golf

When you've been around the internet for long enough, you start to build a special little sense for when things are staged or not. You become more alert, and you take everything you see with a grain of salt. 

Am I saying that this man purposefully planted something inside of his bag that would attract a bear to come out of the woods and snatch it right off the back of his cart? Not necessarily. All I am saying, however, is that I'd love to see the scorecard. Down 4 on the match, 3 on the back, and down on the press? It would just seem far too convenient for a bear to come out of nowhere and snatch your clubs. Also, are we sure this is even a real bear and not just one of those "bears" in that Chinese zoo?

It's like Shooter McGavin calling up his boy from Red Lobster to run Happy Gilmore down with a Volkswagen. Just call up your buddy Greg and tell him to hide in the woods off the 14th hole while wearing a bear costume. 

And if it turns out this was actually just a true case of an actual bear coming out of nowhere to rip your clubs off the back of the cart and take them away? Well now you have the perfect excuse to go out and grab some new clubs. The wife can't even say anything to you about it. Go out, get fitted, maybe pick up a few new pairs of shorts and shoes while you're at it. Really treat yourself, king.