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Steal Of The Draft - Good Luck Trying To Cover Jalin Hyatt After Watching This Video Of Him Running An NFL Record 24 MPH At Training Camp

Am I going to overreact to some training camp highlights? You're goddamn right I am. It's the beauty of being a fan. Jalin Hyatt out here running faster than anyone and looking like a fake video is exactly what I want to see. Hasn't even played a preseason game yet and I'm declaring him the steal of the draft. I mean he's not just fast, the man can catch. 

Annnddddd we got him in the 3rd round! That's the best part. People thought Hyatt had a chance to go first round, early 2nd round. Meanwhile the Giants addressed some defensive needs, got their potential starting 2nd and got Hyatt. That my folks is the beauty that is Joe Schoen. Let me borrow my pal Clem's picture here for a second: 

Ohh and it gets better when you remember that 1) the Giants have Brian Daboll and Mike Kafka designing plays for him and 2) he has Paris Campbell (the guy who set the speed record last year) next to him. Fast wins baby. Don't look now but the Giants have some weapons. Fuck it, just let Jalin Hyatt outrun everyone and he'll be down there somewhere. 

Need to see Hyatt vs this speedster: