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Paige Spiranac Says The Less Clothes She Wears The Better She Golfs

NY Post - Less is more for Paige Spiranac, and she’s citing “science” to back that up.

The longtime golf influencer floated a theory Tuesday about her game, explaining she shoots “lower the less I wear.”

“I want it on record that I wore a golf appropriate outfit today and it didn’t help my score. I shoot lower the less I wear. It’s science,” Spiranac tweeted.

One of my favorite things to do at Barstool Sports is make fun of what the New York Post considers a "story", but then completely validate the dumb shit they publish by blogging about the very story I'm making fun of, and then act like I'm somehow better than them.

"Hahahaha look at these idiots! Page Spiranac makes one stupid tweet and the NY Post thinks it's news?! They're so dumb! Who cares! I better write my own blog about their blog to prove how stupid they are, and how much better Barstool is. That'll show em'."

Then I dip my feather pen back in the quill, grab my trench coat and hat off the coat rack, and clock out at 4pm to go home and refresh the comment section all evening to determine my self-worth.

I've become fascinated with Paige Spiranac. The way she moves the needle is incredible. I've written about this before, but if you type Paige Spiranac into the NY Post search bar, there are endless articles written about her doing absolutely nothing at all. They once wrote an article about her planning a birthday party. 

And I take the bait every single time. I love the internet. 

I understand the she's a smoking hot woman who is above average at golf. But there's a lot of women who are above average at golf. I'm pretty sure there's one that works here.

But Paige is unequivocally #1 in the hot woman golfer cleavage influencer space. And in regards to Paige Spiranac's latest newsworthy tweet, I could not agree more with her take. The less golf clothes you can get away with wearing the better. My parents live on a golf course in Ohio, and there's nothing I love more than walking out at sunset with no shoes, gym shorts, and a large t-shirt to play 5 balls on one hole and chip around until it's too dark to see. It's the best. And every time I do it, I play significantly better than I do when I make a tee time, put on my big dumb golf outfit, and actually keep my score. I'm sure that probably has less to do with the clothing, and more to do with the fact that there's no pressure since I'm just fucking around on hole 17, as opposed to over-thinking every shot I take over the course of a 4-hour round, but idk… maybe the clothes have something to do with it.


Maybe disrespecting the game of golf by dressing like an asshole helps my game, because the less serious my outfit is, the less serious I take myself, which in turns puts me in a better mental state? There might be something too that. Plus, you can't argue with this video.

The facts don't lie. And here's some more pics for good measure.




But unfortunately, if you want to get on any decent golf course, you're going to have to dress the part. Luckily for you, I'm going to hawk some Barstool Golf merch. It's good clothes. I promise. Look at Riggs.