Someone Out There Has To Have The Footage Of High School Prospect Cooper Flagg Supposedly Busting Bradley Beal's Ass Playing 1-on-1 And The Internet Deserves To See It

If you maybe aren't aware of who Cooper Flagg is, consider this your sign to head on over to the Google Machine and take a look. He's a 16 year old basketball phenom from Maine (yes, this is a real sentence) who is largely considered to be the No 1 pick whenever he decides to enter the draft. While the hype may not be Wembanyama level, just see for yourself

Considering he's already under the guidance of a guy like Jayson Tatum

I think it's fair to say he's probably pretty good.  But how good? Well, rumors are swirling that while attending that Jayson Tatum camp Cooper Flagg had himself quite the battle

“I heard a rumor that my boy Cooper Flagg was at Jayson Tatum’s camp and he was busting Brad Beal 1-on-1, and Brad Beal got mad at him. Started cussing him out,” Scalabrine said. “This dude is a major trash-talker. … So I guess the rumor is that Brad Beal and him were squaring off 1-on-1 and Brad Beal was taking it lightly. It’s a high school kid. Then Cooper started giving it to him. And I guess the rumor is, Cooper started talking trash and Bradley Beal got mad. Really mad.”

I read that and had just one thought.

Someone out there has the footage and the internet deserves to see it. I know Scal, I know he's maybe one to exaggerate things a little bit, so I want to see the actual footage. Then I started to wonder if Beal went full LeBron and had all documentation of that event wiped clean. Remember when LeBron had that Jordan Crawford dunk on him wiped from the internet way back when? Or at least ya know…tried to?

Same thing here. Max player Bradley Beal can't be given that work by a 16 year old, regardless of what type of prospect he is. NBA players are prideful enough, having that go viral certainly wouldn't be the best look ahead of this rather important Suns season, NBA Twitter would have a field day with it and that is not exactly how you want to start off a title or bust season given the fact that the Suns forked over their future in order to trade for Beal in the first place.

But in my heart, I just know that footage exists. Maybe Tatum gave the order to not put it out because he didn't want to embarrass his friend. Whatever, I still want to see it. If we can get a video of Draymond punching Jordan Poole in practice then we can get a video of this 1 on 1 battle.

In these types of situations, it's easy to just say the NBA player was taking it easy on the high school kid and that's why this happened, and that's why th video of it is so important. I want to see how hard Beal was actually playing. Did he ramp things up once it became clear that Flagg was killing him? How mad did he get? There isn't shit else going on right now in the NBA world, so release the goods as far as I'm concerned.

Meanwhile, I'm going to need Brad Stevens to get to work on how the hell he's going to make his way up the draft board in order to draft this kid and bring him home to Boston. I have no idea how that's going to be possible but I trust Brad will figure it out. 


This story also reminded me of one of my favorite Beal videos. Seems like Flagg was up to the challenge