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I Want All The Smoke- Top 5 College QB's in The Last 20 Years!

This blog is about to fuck. Top 5 College Football Quarterbacks in the last 20 years. Sound off in the comments!

HM: Matt Leinart, Johnny Manziel

5. Lamar Jackson

Coming in at #5 I got Lamar Jackson. Lamar took Louisville to a whole new level. Easily one of the most electric QB's in the history of college football. In 2016 Lamar threw for 3,543 yards and 30 tugs, while rushing for 1,571 yard and 21 rushing touchdowns. Flat out ridiculous. 

4. Joe Burrow

Joe Burrow only really had one good year in his college career but that's all he needed to crack my top 5. I know he had Jefferson and Chase as wide receivers, but to throw for 5,671 yard, 60 tugs, and only 6 interception is stuppppidddddddd. Easily one of the greatest college football seasons of all time.

3. Deshaun Watson

Despite being in the headlines for all the wrong reasons, Bill Cosby was one of the best college QB's of all time. He is essentially the one who "stopped" the Bama dynasty. Throwing for over 4k yards in back to back years, and of course winning the national championship on the last second of the game.

2. Vince Young

Coming in at #2 I got Vince Young, his electrifying performances during his time at the University of Texas showcased his remarkable athleticism and knack for making game-changing plays. Let's not forget, that Vince Young gave us the greatest national championship performance of all time…..

1. Tim Tebow

At #1 I got my guy Tim Tebow. I don't think there's a debate to be honest. Tim was a real life cheat code. Whether he was running over your favorite teams middle linebacker, or cooking up you secondary, no one could stop Tim. Tim Tebow is Florida, just like Michael Jordan is Nike. When you think of Alabama there's 1,000 players you can think of to represent that school, but when it comes to Florida, it's just one, and his name is Tim Tebow.